College and Career 


High school is a time when schools, parents, and students are all focused on getting into college. What gets far less attention is the end goal - the career, job placement numbers, and gaining strong employable skills.


The current process is: College → Major → Career

The process should be: Career → Major → College


Early college and career discovery puts everyone ahead of the game. Students can then focus on:

-Selecting a career that uses their top natural abilities, leading to future success and fulfillment.


-Picking the best major and college for them, which avoids costly uncertainty.


-Choosing optimal classes to support their future path.

At FAST, we can help students:


-Discover best-fit career options, including a Plan A and a back-up Plan B career.

-Find how their top natural aptitudes might be used in their career.

-Identify their strongest learning memory and give tips to boost their memory.

-Discover new activities to help them stand out or best build up a talent.

-Find majors and colleges with strong programs supporting their career.

-Develop new confidence in their future and their own gifts.

In addition to these benefits, students receive customized reports of 30+ pages, including percentile scores, ability attributes, interpretation, and top career matches based on the combination of scores.  Each list of careers has hyperlinks to O*Net profiles for more exploration.



3.5 total hours of consultation

Initial Meeting: Q&A, interest, and goals discussion - 1 hour

Highlands Aptitude Assessment, key code/reports

Enneagrams Survey

2 Comprehensive Reports - 68+ pgs.

Debrief Meeting - 1.5 hours

Career Plan Meeting - 1 hour



Pricing discounts will apply for groups. The level depends on the size and timing requested.

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